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Southwest District Health conducts health and safety inspections for day care facilities within the six county district. We conduct health and safety inspections for licensed facilities and facilities that participate in the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP).


Inspections of new child care facilities are made by appointment.
Inspections of existing child care facilities are unannounced.

All health and safety inspections address the following:
  • Age and Health of the Day Care provider
  • CPR and Pediatric First Aid certification for day-care providers
  • Child-Staff Ratio
  • Policies on excluding children and staff when ill
  • Complete immunization records for each child
  • Emergency communication
  • Working and adequately sized fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
  • Adequate exit doors
  • Approved food and drinking water
  • Adequate hand wash facilities
  • Utensil storage (sharps), refrigerators maintaining proper temperatures
  • Food storage, medicines, hazardous chemicals
  • Diaper changing facilities
  • Firearm Storage
  • Water Hazards
  • Smoking/Alcohol Consumption
  • Heat, Light and Ventilation
  • Outdoor Play Areas
  • Animal, Pet Health
  • Other health and safety items, general cleanliness/sanitation
Licensing Fees:

Center (25 or more children): $325.00
Center (13-24 children): $250.00
Group (7-12 children): $100.00
Family Voluntary: $100.00

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