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Land development Check with your local County Planning and Zoning Office regarding the status of your property if you are planning on developing.

Southwest District Health (SWDH), Environmental Health Services is vested with the responsibility of releasing sanitary restrictions or maintaining sanitary restrictions in force on all platted subdivisions under Idaho Code, Title 50, Chapter 13.

SWDH works in cooperation with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ), by releasing sanitary restrictions on platted subdivisions having city water and city sewer only after IDEQ or the Qualified Licensed Professional Engineer (QLPE) has conducted the necessary reviews of the specifications. Please follow the Mylar Signature Checklist for city water and city sewer subdivisions.

Subdivisions utilizing individual wells and individual subsurface sewage disposal systems must meet the Subdivision Engineering Report (SER), through SWDH prior to releasing sanitary restrictions. The SER is to be completed by a Licensed Civil Engineer. Additionally, SWDH may require a Nutrient Pathogen Study; depending on the location of the subdivision, size of the lots, and density of dwellings.

Housing development Subdivisions utilizing a combination of public and individual systems must work with both SWDH and IDEQ in order to satisfy the requirements necessary to release sanitary restrictions.

When developing property it is important for the developer/engineer to schedule a meeting with SWDH to discuss the project. SWDH requires this pre-development meeting before the formal application process. (Subdivision Application) Contact 455-5400

Subdivision Engineering Report Application Fee: $250.00
Cost Per Developable Lot $300.00
Mylar Signature Fee for City Water and City Sewer: $100.00

For further information you may contact SWDH office at 455-5400.

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