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Public Water Program

Safe clean drinking water The Public Water Program that SWDH administers is per a contract with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ). The IDEQ enforces the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in the state of Idaho. SWDH monitors small communities with less that 25 connections; non-transient, non-community systems such as schools and businesses; and transient systems such as food establishments and RV Parks. A public water system must serve at least 25 people for sixty days out of a calendar year or has 15 connections. Subdivisions with over 25 connections, city systems, and surface water systems are monitored by IDEQ.

For more information please contact the SWDH Public Drinking Water Coordinator at 455-5400 or go to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality's web site and click on Water Quality.

Private Water Supply

Most private water supplies consist of a single well that serves a single residence. The Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) regulates and permits all wells in the state of Idaho. Private water supplies are the sole responsibility of the system owner to maintain and to ensure safe potable water.

The Private Water Program that SWDH administers consists of education, technical assistance, and water sampling, for a nominal fee. Residents can choose to collect their own water samples as well. SWDH can provide guidance on what tests would be beneficial, and what the results mean to public health.

Water sample by an Environmental Health Specialist $75.00
Coliform Bacteria $18.00
Nitrate $19.00
Nitrite $19.00
Lead $21.00
Arsenic $21.00
Fluoride $19.00
Uranium $44.00
Other Lab Cost
Courier Service * $10.00

*For residents that choose to collect their own water samples and would like to utilize the district courier service to transport the water samples to the State Lab, SWDH charges a $10.00 fee.

If you have further questions please contact SWDH at 455-5400.

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