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Septic tank Southwest District Health (SWDH), Environmental Health Services, regulates subsurface sewage disposal systems along with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ).

It is important for the developer/homeowner to contact SWDH at 455-5400 regarding the application/permitting process for a subsurface sewage disposal system, since a subsurface sewage permit is usually a pre-requisite to obtaining a building permit from the county.

An on-site evaluation must be conducted by SWDH prior to the issuance of a subsurface sewage disposal permit. The applicant must schedule a backhoe to have a ten (10) foot test hole dug at the time of the evaluation. SWDH needs a legal description, zoning certificate, and tax assessment notice, or property profile at the time of application. You may contact the county or refer to a tax notice to find your legal description.

How to Apply:
Subsurface Sewage Disposal Application.
(Adobe PDF file)

For new construction, please also provide an 8” x 10” copy of the house floor plans confirming the number of bedrooms.

New permit $824.00
Expansion permit $824.00
Replacement Permit $824.00
Tank only permit $412.00
Septic permit renewal $103.00

SWDH also provides Accessory Use approvals. Accessory Use approvals are required by the county prior to receiving a building permit to construct an addition, shop, building, etc, on a piece of property. At the time of Accessory Use Application an Environmental Health Specialist will evaluate if the new proposal will require a modification to the existing subsurface sewage disposal system. The proposal may require the applicant to apply for a new or expansion subsurface sewage permit or if no impact is identified an in office approval can be authorized.

Accessory Use Approval Application and Plot Plan (Adobe PDF).

Fees: Accessory Use Approval Permit in-office: $52.00

For further information you may contact your local SWDH at 455-5400.

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